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If you’d like to reference our reports in academic, scientific, or research papers, we recommend the following citation style – you’ll need to replace the sections contained between < > with the relevant details for the report you’d like to cite:

DataReportal (<year>), “<Report Title>”, retrieved from <report page URL>

For example, if you’d like to cite our Digital 2021 Global Digital Overview report, we recommend the following citation:

DataReportal (2021), “Digital 2021 Global Digital Overview,” retrieved from

Similarly, if you’d like to cite one of our country reports, here’s an example using our Digital 2021 Indonesia report:

DataReportal (2021), “Digital 2021 Indonesia,” retrieved from

Please note that we’re unable to provide citation support for each specific context, so if you have any doubts, please ask your academic institution or your publisher for guidance on the most appropriate citation style for your needs.

Raw data and production files

Please note that we are unable to provide any of the raw data or files used to produce our reports.

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