Who's Roméo ? 


Romeo is the meeting of two Lille French city women who love flowers and their beauty. The extraordinary concept of eternal flowers comes from their desire to overthrow (kindly) the established codes, and deeply change the normal way of offering flowers. 

The ambition of Romeo is clear: each person who receives a bunch of eternal roses lovely placed in its luxury box must live a moment as magic as unforgettable. That's why your order will be treated like the other one with an absolute care, and each box is like the person who will receive it: unique! 

Indeed, all our floral boxes are entirely handmade by our teams, to always propose customized and custom-made creations. The end result is a subtle blend of luxury and design, while remaining sober and elegant. It is even possible to give our flowers whatever smell that you should desire, by applying a few drops of your favorite fragrance to the floral mousse.

The Romeo’s bunches are some perfect gifts, whatever the moment of life or the occasion to celebrate. Once extinct (the flowers last at least 1 year), the luxurious boxes are preserved ... so that the memory attached to the bouquet lasts forever.