The eternal rose: the end of limited duration floral arrangements!

To Offer or to receive a nice roses arrangement is always a pleasure. But when the roses withered at the end of a week in their vase, the pleasure is unfortunately very fleeting. That's why at Romeo, we decided to create an eternal rose, whose minimum life is one year in accordance with the conservation advice provided with the bunch of roses.


And to keep a bunch of evergreen roses as long as possible, no need to have a green thumb or a gardening license; Even if these roses are natural and fully biodegradable, they do not need water, light or any kind of maintenance to remain fresh and bright.

But how is this possible? Even if a good magician never reveals his tricks, here is the secret of the eternal roses by Romeo: at the moment when the flower has reached its optimum maturity, its sap is replaced by a substance based on glycerine. A natural and ecological process, which captures the beauty of the rose when it is at its peak.

And our flowers do not deliver toxins of any kind, they can come to decorate all the rooms of the house even the bedrooms!